Dan Wootton: Howling Remoaners have been exposed as hypocrites over Boris Brexit outrage

They’ve been doing it non-stop since Putin sent in his first tank to Ukraine

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The hypocrisy of the liberal media elite.

If there’s one aspect of public life I have been determined to expose since the launch of GB News last summer, I hope regular viewers and listeners will agree it’s that.

And it’s been a long time since I’ve seen the sort of rank hypocrisy from the Remoaner establishment displayed all weekend long after Boris Johnson dared to say this at the Tory party spring conference on Saturday.

Outrageous, howled Remoaners everywhere. How on earth could he drag the concept of Brexit into a war?

How disgusting, they screeched, as The Observer and Sunday Times splashed the story all over its front pages. But here’s the problem; it’s been these very same outraged Remoaners who have been dragging Brexit into the conflict since war broke out.

The former Tory cabinet minister and ex-deputy prime minister Lord Michael Heseltine told the Observer following the Prime Minister’s remarks…

“Boris Johnson cannot escape his responsibility for the disasters of Brexit by a cynical exploitation of the incredible bravery of the Ukrainian people. Millions of Conservatives will be ashamed at so flagrant an attempt to exploit the horrors we see every day for party advantage.”

But in an open letter to Jacob Rees-Mogg in The Guardian on the 3rd of March, the very same Heseltine used the conflict to emphasise the supposed tragedy of leaving the EU, writing…

“Nothing so reveals the reality of Brexit as the meeting of European leaders in Brussels, in the aftermath of Vladimir Putin’s assault on Ukraine. Our continent faces a threat as severe as anything since the end of the cold war. I am ashamed that the country that in my lifetime saved European democracy has now absented itself as others determine Europe’s response.”

What about bitter Remoaner Alastair Campbell who tweeted on Sunday:

“The problem is Johnson debases not just himself but all who fail to condemn and seek to justify.”

'Bitter Remoaner' Alastair Campbell
'Bitter Remoaner' Alastair Campbell

Surely that can’t be the same Alastair Campbell who wrote on March the 6th:

“See the passion in Putin's opposition to a final deal referendum on Brexit ... why, anyone would think he had skin in the game ... Johnson was a useful idiot”

There’s also former Financial Times Editor Lionel Barber who tweeted yesterday:

“My verdict: cheap, historically absurd and pandering to a few Tories in a hall.”

But just ten days ago Barber had tweeted:

“One incontestable fact: Putin’s war has reinvigorated the EU!”

And what about the most vindictive and deranged Remoaner of them all?

LBC’s James O’Brien.

'Vindictive and deranged Remoaner' James O'Brien
'Vindictive and deranged Remoaner' James O'Brien

On Saturday afternoon he got himself whipped into a frenzy, writing:

“It’s been clear forever that Johnson possesses not a single shred of decency but I am *still* sometimes shocked at the depth of his depravity. This insults all but the most meat-headed Brexit voter in Britain & almost everyone in Ukraine, where the desire to join the EU is clear.”

That’s funny, as less than a week earlier Mr O’Brien had decided to directly link the war to Brexit with this tweet:

“Imagine having to explain to your children why you chose Farage, Dorries, Johnson & Rees-Mogg over being an integral part of this.”

So whatever you think of Boris Johnson’s comments – which he’s now privately conceded were unwise – do not let the revolting Remoaner hypocrites claim faux horror for linking Brexit to the war.

They’ve been doing it non-stop since Putin sent in his first tank to Ukraine

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