Dan Wootton: Covid has caused moral collapse of the left-wing worldwide

Dan Wootton
Dan Wootton

You only have to look at the tyranny spreading across the world to prove why the fight to maintain our freedoms in England has been so important.

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Critics often ask me: Oh, what are you fighting for? Don’t worry, everything will be OK soon.

Well, to that, I only have to point to the Covid tyranny spreading across the world to prove why the fight we’ve had these past two years to maintain our civil liberties and freedoms here in England has been so important.

And I will keep up that battle on behalf of the Welsh and the Scots, who remain controlled by Mad Dog Drakeford and Scheming Sturgeon.

But as of this day, Ground Zero of the fight is in Canada, where Justin Trudeau’s mask has slipped as he launches a tinpot Covid dictatorship in a bid to stamp out any resistance to his draconian policies.

By invoking emergency powers, Trudeau is treating the Freedom Convoy as if they are terrorists or an opponent in war, rather than honest Canadians exercising their God given democratic right to fight for bodily autonomy and fighting against discriminatory and divisive vaccine mandates that are not anchored in science.

The Freedom Convoy has won hearts across the globe – and sparked similar demonstrations in countries from France to Israel to New Zealand – because of their joyful and positive message, despite its members being unfairly shut out of society.

We see through Trudeau’s desperate attempts to brand these Canadians as far-right extremists because they’re nothing of the sort.

And tonight I remind you it is Mr Be Kind himself Trudeau who has been advancing the cause of segregation through hatred, lies and downright nasty rhetoric.

Remember how he helped spark the formation of the Freedom Convoy in the first place after he made sweeping statements in an incendiary TV interview smearing those who have turned down a Covid vaccine as racist and sexist?

Not only are those comments untrue, they’re also particularly ironic, coming from Mr Blackface himself who saw no issue turning up to parties with black paint smeared over his smug mug.

Trudeau had previously excused anger from vaccinated citizens against those who had made a different choice.

But it was Trudeau who pathetically fled Ottawa and claimed he had Covid to avoid any sort of dialogue with the Freedom Convoy.

When the slimeball eventually re-entered public life, it was to spread further lies about the protestors.

It appears that in Trudeau’s world Canadians will use authoritarian measures to shut down the most important popular resistance of our time – including unprecedented state interventions to starve them of finances by freezing the personal and corporate bank accounts of protestors.

But the world is now wise to Trudeau’s game and other leaders who have used Covid to enforce extreme state control on their people, like New Zealand’s Jacinda Ardern and France’s Emmanuel Macron, who are facing pushback like never before.

Remember, these are the folk with whom the Labour leader Keir Starmer aligns.

But we will never again let them lock us in our homes, destroy our businesses, cause us to miss our loved ones' funerals, and force us to vaccinate our healthy children with a jab that could cause them harm.

And we will never again let them segregate society, casting out millions of nurses, teachers, truckers, midwives and even doctors, who have made a different decision about a medical procedure.

Covid has caused the moral collapse of the left-wing internationally, which has proven itself to be hateful and intolerant.

We reject the politics of fear and we support the brave Canadian truckers whose honks have been heard all around the world.