Covid is now an industry, an ideology and a cult, Mark Dolan says

The messaging from the Covid zealots is universal and is almost a script

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Holidaymakers in Cornwall and East Linsey are being urged to wear face masks on the beach, as the warm weather is expected to continue, this Easter bank holiday weekend.

Local councils are advising people to take extra care when visiting popular coastal resorts, as Covid “has not disappeared”.

As thousands are expected to flock to beaches to bask in the good weather, Cornwall Council has asked people to wear a face covering and exercise social distancing while visiting the southern seaside resort.

Welcome to hell.

It's Easter Sunday of course we are celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Although he may now be regretting his return. Plus a top NHS leader has urged the return of mask wearing and social distancing because, quote, Covid isn't over.

Well I've got news for you baby, it will never be over. Which is why living with this virus and accepting it as we do with all other ailments, is the only option. And I will take no lectures from NHS chiefs. Our frontline doctors and nurses, porters, cleaners, you name it, are incredible. But the management effectively turned the national health service, into the national Covid service for two years, ignoring far worse illnesses like cancer. With a waiting list some fear will reach 12 million, the health impact from the NHS’s reaction to the virus will in my view, be far worse than the virus itself. And the impact will often be on younger people in the prime of their life, like a young mother of three, who wasn't able to get that lump checked out and who now must say goodbye to her family.

The messaging from the Covid zealots is universal and is almost a script – the pandemic is far from over. Not much a pandemic, is it? One you’ve got to keep reminding the public is there. Of course it’s still there, because these people never want it to end. Covid is now an industry – think of the billions organisations around the world are making from this largely mild virus – vaccine manufacturers, mask manufacturers, the producers of PPE equipment, testing companies, ventilation units, the outlets that make those horrific plastic screens for shops and offices, the billions of litres of sanitising fluid, which I think is actually bad for your health. It’s all a total money spinner, a racket.

And of course health bosses, obsessed with Covid, were the ultimate lockdown cheerleaders, with their effective pursuit of zero Covid for almost two years, which has placed health systems under such strain and will do for many years to come. And having demanded policies that absolutely smashed the economy and burdened it with what will eventually be another trillion quid's worth of debt, they've actually damaged the cash cow that pays for everything they want. You see. You can't have it both ways. Have your lockdowns if you want, but as I've said since March 2020, you'll pay the price. It's your bed baby, you're gonna have to lie in it.

“Oh but let’s just borrow more money, to pay for more Covid measures, to protect the NHS”. That’s what they’ll say. And bankrupt the nation? And further add to the mountain of debt we hand to future generations, who haven't even been born yet? How dare you. These are nice people are they? The people who want more restrictions, and who want you to mask up on the back, who won't let Covid go? Do me a favour.

Covid is now an industry, an ideology and a cult. And I have no words for those people wandering around, on their own, on a nice sunny day like today, wearing a mask outside. They've been drinking the Covid Kool-Aid, they've been brainwashed. I'm not sure there's much hope for them. At least it's easier now to see who the numpties are. And this was the problem with three weeks to flatten the curve. If you comply to make it end, your compliance means it never will. When we agreed to these unprecedented and experimental measures of shutting down the economy and locking healthy people at home, we didn't realise what we were relinquishing. We didn't realise we were opening Pandora's box, and allowing technocrats and Tunnel vision public health officials, to get their foot in the door. We didn't realise we were giving up the very essence of a free society. If you're being told to wear masks and socially distance in this glorious weather, and with a variant of Covid in Omicron that’s milder than a pint of John Smiths, then just think what Draconian instructions will await us in the winter months. And as usual the politicians set bizarre rules, that they don’t follow.

The halo has slipped for Mrs Sturgeon. And the mask, by the looks of it. I would love nothing more than to be able to talk about something else. If I'm honest, it's Easter and I’d just love to show you some bunny rabbit videos.

But I'm hopping mad about the fact that we're still being dictated to, still hearing the siren calls for more economically and societally damaging social controls. An entire generation of politicians, public servants, so-called health officials and some brainwashed members of the public, don't want this to end. It's clear that the cure was worse than the illness, and it didn't work anyway. But still the madness continues. Have we learnt nothing? Clearly not.

Show me one country in the world that didn't lock down, that didn't socially distance, that didn't mask, which has a disproportionately high Covid death toll. It doesn't exist. So why is there such an appetite for masks and distancing and lockdowns? Because we've learnt over the last two years, and history has of course taught us this too, some people just love control. Telling people what to do. Democracy and freedom as we have discovered, are precious and fragile things, for which we must fight. If you accept masks on the beach in April, where does this end? What sons of beaches. Do you want to live like this forever? Living under state control, exposed to the latest wave of public health policy? I’m not sure you do, judging by the brilliant pictures of revelry from this weekend.

Having a brilliant time, and rightly so, having been caged, on and off, for two years, like calves in a pen.

Let's make this weekend, the Easter bank holiday, a test case, for a return, to unadulterated human interaction, to connection, to freedom, to humanity, to fun, to risk, to danger, to joy. Remember that? Choose life, this Easter.