Britain is turning into a lawless hellhole, it’s time for woke police chiefs to be taken in for questioning, says Mark Dolan

Forget talk of nurses going on strike, it feels like our police have been on strike for years


Forget talk of nurses going on strike, it feels like our police have been on strike for years. Take a look at these shocking scenes in the capital yesterday morning.

These pictures are typical of crime in all of our great cities. In this particular incident, multiple stabbings occurred, in relation to a stolen bicycle, as brave bystanders tried to apprehend the thieves. Welcome to Lawless Britain.

I couldn't agree more with former top cop Neil Brennan who said the following in response to this carnage.

Regarding the Triple Stabbing in Bishopsgate yesterday morning; he wrote: why do such violent Robbers behave in such a violent way? Because there’s Absolutely NO deterrent; SO? they become more & more violent killing someone? And it’s just Incidental to the Crime!

Welcome to hell. Teenagers and young people are being stabbed to death and shot on a daily basis. One of the key roles of government is to preserve order within the country. And in this they are now failing. How ironic that yesterday’s chaos in the capital happened on the watch of the Met Police and their officers, seven in ten of whom, according to statistics, haven’t made a single arrest over the last year, as crime hits highest level in two decades.

7 in 10 cops have made no arrests! This is a symptom of a wider malaise in our police forces across the country. In England and Wales, a total of 6.3million crimes, were recorded in the year to March 2022, with knife crime, theft and domestic abuse all on the increase. Coppers, most of whom are brilliant people - dedicated and brave - have been turned into pen pushing bureaucrats, more likely to feel your collar, for an offensive tweet, or an unkind Facebook post, than a stabbing. Let's not forget the scandal of cops investigating the comedian Joe Lycett.

They were responding to a complaint about one of his jokes at a live show.

One of his jokes! How many people, were being mugged, assaulted or robbed in the course of that interrogation? We're getting to the point now where you can't go out at night, wear a fancy watch, you can't walk down the street holding a mobile phone in your hands oh and women cannot go home on their own late at night, and sometimes even during the day, for fear of attack.

Woke police chiefs must be questioned says Mark Dolan.
Woke police chiefs must be questioned says Mark Dolan.

Rather than tackle real crime, cops would rather have a go at the public for misgendering a male paedophile, someone like Sally Anne Dixon, who was born John Stephen Dixon, who sexually assaulted children as a man, but who has now decided she's a lady. Members of the public objected to the statement female paedophile, given a man committed these horrific crimes. Sussex Police came back with this:

Hi, Sussex police do not tolerate any hateful comments towards their gender identity regardless of crimes committed. This is irrelevant to the crime that has been committed and investigated.

That's where we are folks – British police in 2022 – seemingly on the side of paedophiles.

What about the Surrey Police Officers who turned up at the house of a vicar’s wife this week - Caroline Farrow - accused of one of those so-called hate crimes.

And what might that terrible hate crime be do we think? That she believes there are two biological sexes - a man and a woman. Not an inflammatory statement, a scientific fact, and one that you will find in any biology textbook. It didn't stop the boys in blue dragging this woman into a police station, removing her jewellery and throwing her in the slammer for a few hours. Much to the profound distress of her children, one of whom is on the autistic spectrum and is now freaked out, about whether this will happen to his mother again. Well done everyone.

Rather than tackle crime, our police forces would rather dance the Macarenan at pride festivals. And when they’re not doing that, forcibly removing lesbians from the same pride marches, that's right removing lesbians from pride marches, for defending women only spaces and female rights.

And surely a low point, was the unedifying scene of protesters, who had glued themselves to the motorway earlier this year – affecting peoples lives, delaying ambulances and dangerously risking an accident – being asked by cops whether they are okay, or whether they would like a cup of tea or something to eat.

I know what I’d give them. The police are going, from being institutionally racist, which was horrific, to institutionally woke. I'm all for inclusion – I'm the most liberal personal you’ll find. Fall in love with anyone you like, of any gender, race or creed. And if you're a man in a woman's body or vice versa, good luck to you.

It's your human right, to identify as you please. But it's not the Police’s job to sell this message, with youngsters in our great cities stabbing each other to death. Go and catch some criminals, whatever their bloody gender.

He, her, she, him, lock em up and throw away the key. Virtue signalling police forces, across the country, don’t seem to care about burglary for example.

In the last year, 6% of all burglaries led to a prosecution, which effectively means, burglary has been decriminalised. The message is clear – go woke, get broken into. There needs to be a huge change in the culture of our police forces.

Police bosses have got to let the police, police. They're not social workers, they're not political campaigners. They're not there to make the world a better place, they’re there to make it a safer one.

Criminals should fear and respect police officers. Right now they're laughing at them, because they know, they face no consequences for their actions. Any criminologist will tell you, the root of crime prevention, is the fear of getting caught. The only thing you’ll get caught by these days, is a speed camera, or a traffic warden. So my message to the police authorities, is to give up the politics, give up the virtue signalling, and go after the bad guys. Defund the police used to be a politically controversial and bonkers statement, now it's starting to look like a good idea. Britain should be one of the safest countries in the world and back in the day it was. But it's turning into a lawless hellhole. It's time for the police to raise their game, and start tackling real crime. And it’s time woke police chiefs were taken in for questioning. They have no right, to remain silent.