Brexit is under threat if Labour get into government, warns Dan Wootton

It’s only the Tories in Parliament who genuinely believe in Brexit


You think the issue of Brexit is settled under a potential Labour government? Like hell it is.

And a Starmer-led administration propped up by the Lib Dems, the SNP and Greens? I’ll tell you what’s settled in that coalition from hell scenario – the biggest democratic mandate in British history will almost certainly be overturned.

Labour’s Shadow Justice Secretary Anna McMorrin was recently recorded making the jaw-dropping admission that the party getting back into office would allow them to renegotiate a closer deal with Brussels and even rejoin the EU.

That’s before we even get to Starmer himself, who expects the British public is so stupid that we forget he led the drive to thwart democracy and hold a second referendum that would tear the country apart.

When it comes to the Lib Dems, Ed Davey doesn’t want to say it publicly, but he will absolutely take us back into the EU without any form of public vote.

And we all know about Scheming Sturgeon’s EU obsession.

It’s about time we start stating the facts: Voting for Labour at the next election means voting to rejoin the EU.

It will start with the single market and, while it will take some time, end with full membership.

We cannot afford a government that doesn’t fundamentally believe in our own independence.

We cannot afford a government that is prepared to ignore the democratic will of the people.

Remember Sturgeon in Scotland now believes just nine years represents a generation when it comes to Scottish independence.

That would mean another EU referendum by 2025.

So the evidence is clear, it’s only the Tories in Parliament who genuinely believe in Brexit.

So many of the attempts to get rid of Boris Johnson come down to that and nothing else, even though the political parties and the mainstream media don’t want to tell you that.

While I appreciate how tough things are at the moment – for Boris and the Tories – I do think it’s important we don’t forget about the bigger picture.

Mark my words, under a Labour government, Brexit is under threat.