Bottoms up Sir Keir Starmer, or should I say, Sir Beer Starmer - Mark Dolan

The halo, has slipped, for Saint Keir, and his holier than now, moralising Labour Party.


Now there's a surprise, the Right Reverend Keir Starmer, the holiest, most pious, politician this side of Jerusalem, is in hot water, over a photograph showing him downing a beer, with colleagues, during lockdown.

And it seems like this beer scandal, may reach the parts, others scandals, have failed to do.

And the plot, like a good ale, thickens. After months of denial, in a Daily Mail exclusive, the Labour party have finally admitted, that Angela Rayner, Labour’s eye-catching deputy leader, WAS actually, present at this gathering too.

This is a woman, who’s NEVER out of the headlines, and whose legs, now have their own agent.

By the way, the Mail ALSO report, that multiple eye witnesses in parliament, have stood up the allegation, that she joked, about distracting Boris Johnson, at PMQs.

Now on Beergate, as the Labour scandal, has been dubbed, we need more information. And any alleged contravention, may NOT be on the scale of the number 10 shenanigans.

But the halo, has slipped, for Saint Keir, and his holier than now, moralising Labour Party. This is an opposition, that spent months, focusing on the so-called partygate scandal, at the expense, of the growing cost of living crisis.

But I'm going to be consistent. Because I said, on this programme last week, that I don't CARE about partygate, and therefore Sir Keir’s BEERgate, because it was the rules themselves, and the extraordinarily damaging, and in my view FAILED Covid measures, which were the REAL scandal.

Notwithstanding, that that even Keir Starmer himself, MAY have flouted the rules, it is Labour, and not just the Tories, who are behind the problems, we have today.

I’ve got no doubt that Keir Starmer, is a nice enough bloke, clever even, and certainly decent. But I believe him, to be a man of SERIOUSLY, flawed, political judgement.

Remember, this is the politician, who campaigned for Putin-loving Jeremy Corbyn, to become prime minister. Starmer is a polititian, who has alienated, half the voting population, by not being able to say, only women have a cervix, and who lost Labour the last, general election, by trying to cancel Brexit, when he pushed, for a second referendum.

And I'm afraid, in my view, he got it wrong, during the pandemic too. The leader of the opposition, should've been just that, a voice of opposition – a questioning figure, someone demanding to know, WHY the country was locking down, WHETHER it was justified or would work, and what the impact, on the country might be.

He should have pushed, for a cost benefit analysis, which we're discovering NOW, is an almighty sh*tshow.

Instead, what the right reverend Starmer WANTED, was more lockdowns, not fewer, more test and trace (brackets 34 billion quid down the drain), more spending, more BORROWING, more human misery, more economic damage. Don’t forget, he called Freedom Day "reckless" and sought evidence, to justify keeping the country open, over Christmas.

When upwards of 100 Tory MPs, voted against further Covid measures, it was Keir Starmer, who could have prevented, the damage, that we have now seen. Labour, plus those Tory rebels, could have kept the country open, for much of the pandemic, and we would've adopted the Swedish model, of voluntary measures.

Wear a mask if you want to, stay at home if you want to, but let the healthy and fit, get on with their lives, and contribute to the economy which pays for everything. Remember, spiralling inflation and the shocking cost of living – which will get worse – is all down to lockdowns.

I wonder how many Brits, who are suffering now, would have tolerated, the bonkers measures we’ve seen, over the last two years, knowing, what they do NOW.

I can't think that many WOULD have. And shall we take a quick look, at how Sweden have been doing, compared to other countries that locked down hard?

There they are, with two lines on the graph – cumulative deaths, actually HIGHER between 2016 and 2018, that’s the upper green line, than the red line illustrating 2019 to 2021.

Boris Johnson, is of course, ultimately responsible for the Covid measures, along with the professors of doom at Sage, whose disastrously, inaccurate modelling – half a million deaths they said - got us into this mess, in the first place.

But this is on, Keir Starmer too. Because if I'd, been the leader of the opposition, I would've voted, against every single government Covid measure, once it was clear in the summer months, of 2020, that this virus wasn't going anywhere, and could not be controlled and that the measures were hugely destructive.

Instead I would've encouraged focused protection, in care homes and among the vulnerable, as outlined by the great Barrington Declaration.

Cost of living crisis – down to lockdown. NHS waiting list of up to 12 million – down to lockdown.

A mental health crisis – down to lockdown. A wrecked economy and pensioners hungry and shivering in their homes – down to lockdown. A national debt of two trillion – down to lockdown. Damaged kids and closed schools – down, to, lockdown.

This madness is on Boris, absolutely and SAGE, for sure. SAGE are a turkey, I’d like to see stuffed. But it's on, the Carlsberg-loving, Sir Keir Starmer too, PROBABLY, the worst leader of the opposition in the world, to coin a phrase.

Whether or not Durham Police, find that he broke the rules, when he ultimately reflects, on the damage that the policies he supported have done to poor, working people in particular, it will have him CHOKING, on that lager of his, and will leave him, with an almighty, hangover.

Bottoms up Sir Keir Starmer, or should I say, Sir Beer Starmer. I want a GREAT leader of the Labour Party, and if I had MY way, this moralising hypocrite, would be down in one.