All these protests about Rwanda are just based on a bizarre sense of inherited guilt, says Patrick Christys

All this hoo-ha about whether the Rwanda deportation flight takes off is symptomatic of how people want to make this country ungovernable

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In my opinion, it’s a classic case of needless white guilt.

The worst thing that we can do is give into them because it won’t stop here.

Once people know that you can mob up and surround a deportation van and if you shout enough abuse at the police they’ll let the deportee go, then they’ll keep doing it.

If people know that if they shout and scream outside a courtroom then judges might give in, they’ll keep doing it.

If people know that all they have to do is call someone a racist and then they’ll keep their personal views about borders and mass immigration to themselves, then they’ll just call everyone racist.

Patrick Christys has criticised the Rwanda deportation flight.
Patrick Christys has criticised the Rwanda deportation flight.

The Church of England should be very careful - getting involved in politics is a deviation from its basic function and core principles and, in a country where Christianity appears to be dwindling, may I suggest that isn’t the best idea.

Prince Charles is reported to have privately come out against the Rwanda deal, though his people insist that he remains 'politically neutral'.

I feel as though he’s forgoing the support of his core royalist, patriotic base in a bid to appeal to a younger, more woke generation. But it won’t work.

In fact, I have some news for Prince Charles, especially when it comes to his climate change stuff.

The woke brigade won’t be happy with you until you’ve turned Buckingham Palace into a homeless shelter. So crack on at your peril.

Boris Johnson has faced last minute opposition to the flight.
Boris Johnson has faced last minute opposition to the flight.

Campaigners don’t want the flight to take off because they believe in a hyper-multicultural society that would smash down traditional cultural norms, ethnic identities and communities.

This would erode the very fabric of our society to an irreversible extent in some desperate bid to outdo each other on how non-racist we can all be.

Do you not think there’s a huge irony here with this Rwanda stuff?

People are saying that this policy makes Britain racist, they’re the same people who have been saying we’re a racist country for ages.

Do they not think Pakistani immigrants talk to people back home in Pakistan? The Bangladeshis? Africans? Syrians? Of course, they do.

And they have been doing it for generations now. And clearly, they have come to the conclusion that the UK is not a racist country, because whenever you see an interview with someone trying to come here it’s because they’ve heard that they can have a better life.

I can’t help but feel like a lot of the Rwanda protest stuff is just a relatively small number of white people getting offended on the behalf of ethnic minorities.

A lot of them by the way will be the same people who will move out of London or a big city as soon as they have kids, meaning their children will grow up surrounded by fewer ethnic minorities. It’s laughable, isn’t it?

I am personally for ‘small government’ and libertarianism for the most part, and I thought the coronavirus laws were obviously deeply wrong and egregious which deserved massive protests.

Interesting, I didn’t see many lawyers queueing up to defend those who were clobbered with ridiculous fines.

I don’t remember charity groups trying to stand up for the rights of elderly people locked away in their own homes to rot away in their final days.

But because this issue is supposedly about race, then we’ll just give in.

And then just have a look at most of the people doing most of the protesting, and you tell me that it isn’t just a load of virtue-signalling nonsense based around some bizarre sense of inherited guilt.