All I’m asking for is consistency, both from Labour and the mainstream media, says Dan Wootton

Treating voters as if we’re stupid, Labour doesn’t want to talk about Partygate

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I’m going to call it Keir’s Korma Karma.

You’ll remember that for the majority of the past five months, the Labour party and its embattled leader tried to convince us that the most important issue in the country was Partygate.

Even in the middle of a cost of living crisis, a once in a generation pandemic recovery and a terrifying European war, Mr Starmer told us consistently and constantly that both the Prime Minister and the Chancellor should resign because they were presented with a birthday cake in an unopened Tupperware container in the middle of 2020.

I was as angry as you about the rule breaking, given the completely inhumane policies the government enacted on us, but there has been no sense of perspective from the political or media class.

Until, it turns out, Starmer and his Deputy Leader Angela Rayner were at it as well.

The Beers with Keir event in Durham last April was a far more egregious breach of the rules.

And now, treating voters as if we’re stupid, Labour doesn’t want to talk about Partygate.

No, they insist, there are more important issues, despite spending the past five months demanding the Prime Minister resigning for a smaller indiscretion.

This morning it got worse for Mr Starmer, who seemed to suggest on Good Morning Britain that he was allowed to break the rules with a beer and curry party for 30 people at 10pm because he was filming pieces to camera. He’s different to us mere mortals you see.

That’s the most bizarre and unconvincing deception I’ve seen in a long time – what a hypocrite.

Surely, the party’s straight shooter Angela Rayner would do better.

She’s been in hiding ever since the Mail on Sunday revealed it was her who spread rumours about her Basic Instinct leg crossing scandal and that she was at the Beers with Keir event too, a fact Labour lied about.

But when I sent my producer Ben Leo to speak to Ms Rayner today, she turned into the latest Labour runaway…

What is it about the Labour party answering valid and honest questions from GB News?

In the past week alone, Rupa Huq and Angela Rayner have both literally sprinted from our cameras… It’s funny to watch though.

Look, I understand the deep anger towards the Conservative party.

I’m angry about the damage they inflicted with deadly lockdowns.

But compared to the rest of the western world, they’ve pulled us out of the Covid madness faster.

What Labour has proven this week is that they’re not fit to govern.

Blatant deception over their own Partygate scandal Beers with Keir.

Blatant deception from Ms Rayner over the Basic Instinct scandal.

And blatant deception over their decision to quietly enter an informal electoral pact with the Lib Dems ahead of tomorrow’s local elections.

All I’m asking for is consistency, both from Labour and the mainstream media.

Our political leaders must be held to the same standards.