Alex Phillips: We need to talk about safeguarding children

Is it right for tots as young as four to worry about what sex they are?

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The 21st century has ushered in a new era of ultra liberalism. Of that there can be no doubt. A glut of online pornography, x-rated marches in support of various rights and TV shows where people judge each other’s genitals, hook up with other surgically enhanced narcissists to get votes and bonk in cubes in front of live studio audiences.

Call me a prude but I preferred it when we were all a little more restrained and things kept behind closed doors. Yet as adult’s rights expand wildly and at an untested rate, something else is also happening. Something pretty sick.

Children are being dragged into the whole tawdry affair. Not only is social media awash with pouting pubescents and suggestions on how to self harm, but a whole array of so called progressive views are being forced upon impressionable children at a younger and younger age, from drag queen story hour for five year olds by characters with names like FlowJob, to school assemblies on gender identity to family sex shows to teach youngsters all about, well, every iteration of sexual attraction and kink.

It’s bad enough that many music videos today quite frankly wouldn't look out of place at a peep show in Soho and teenagers are getting hooked on hard core porn, but when grown ups feel the need to showcase their personal desires and intimate habits to little kids, you really have to ask whatever happened to safeguarding? Is this progressive, or downright creepy and dangerous?

No mainstream media is talking about this. In fact, a lot seems to be merrily going along with it all and patting themselves on the back at how modern and inclusive they are, but the effects are truly chilling. My hunch is that a lot of parents have absolutely no idea quite how deep the problem goes and the sort of attitudes and exposures that their sons and daughters are having forced upon them, so here at GB News we are going to be bold enough to face this head on and lift the lid on the severity of the situation and ask the question, are we messing up our kids?

Is it right for tots as young as four to worry about what sex they are? Or for pre-pubescents to twerk on TikTok for a hoard of adults? Is saying we simply need to explain that porn is not real and in many cases, abusive, while adolescents are being flooded with the stuff, really enough to protect their developing minds? Should we sit back as rape culture explodes in high schools and shrug our shoulders and say everything’s ok, or the fact that we’ve needed to bring in laws to prevent minors having cosmetic surgery to look like Kardashians is just an aspect of today’s pop culture? Is encouraging kids to constantly question their sex by mainstreaming body dysphoria and allowing boys and girls into each other's intimate spaces on the basis of gender self ID putting youngsters who rely on adult protection at huge risk of traumatic experiences?

And what will happen to these kids when they grow up and become the adults, the lawmakers and leaders of the future? And why does there appear to be so little political will to protect the next generation from what would have once been unthinkable access to adult extreme content and fetish when everyone is constantly bleating on about mental health and safe spaces?

Today, we desperately need to talk about safeguarding, before it's too late.