Alex Phillips: The party is over Boris. It's time to pack your bags and leave

Alex Phillips gives her opinion on 'bring your booze party'

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The very first PartyGate scandal was one thing.

It revealed the Prime Minister to be a lightweight and a hypocrite.

It's not as though we didn't know Bojo the Bon Viveur had a predilection for the finer things and fibbing.

But this latest revelation is in a whole new stratosphere. Because - cast your minds back to Lockdown 1.0-when hindsight wasn't a wonderful thing.

When most of the population were genuinely petrified, following every ghastly diktat from the PM behind his hazard strip lectern, gravely commanding to Stay at Home to Save Lives like some dystopian Hollywood drama.

Dog walkers were chased by drones, thousand pound fines doled out without recourse or appeal.

This was the land before vaccines.

Before lateral flows and PCRs, before variants and plan Bs.

People were genuinely frightened, having been told categorically that disobedience could mean death. So we're left with a conundrum.

Either Downing Street never believed their own hype and set about terrorising the nation, waging war against their own people.

Or, they did believe Covid to be such a major threat to life it necessitated the most stringent, unprecedented measures, where a boozy bash could literally kill people.

I'm not sure which conclusion I'd rather draw. Reckless liars, destroying lives and livelihoods, or feckless and flippant gamblers in the face of death.

Now ask yourself whether this is the man you want in charge of a nuclear weapon?

The party is over Boris. It's time to pack your bags and leave.