Alastair Stewart: Is politics in search of its soul?

This is one of the most interesting periods in politics for a long time.

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It reminds me of the late 70s and Thatcher’s victory in 1979.

She then saw off Michael Foot, championing the hopes and beliefs of the left, with her mantras of freedom, markets and a smaller state.

The result is history; the arguments, vital.

We’re here again: Starmer seeking to retake the middle ground and getting hammered by the left for his efforts.

Top Tories saying their party has lost its way and needs to get back to more of the Thatcher beliefs.

And then there’s the whole issue of the power of the state, our freedoms and the rights of the individual.

You, the electorate, seem to have an open mind.

The polls suggest Starmer is regaining territory but not enough to dream of anything approaching a slam dunk.

The Tories are in trouble but it’s not yet terminal.

And, on who you think would make the best PM, as many support ‘none of the above’ as support either Johnson or Starmer!

So, it’s all to play for.

What I enjoy most is that there are still people out there - on the left, on the right and among the libertarians, who are up for a debate.