Strictly Come Dancing Final: Helen Skelton says she's 'found her confidence' again after year of heartbreak

Helen Skelton says she has
Helen Skelton says she has "found her confidence on the dancefloor"

Presenter Helen Skelton reflects on her personal growth ahead of the Strictly Come Dancing final

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Helen Skelton says she has “found her confidence on the dancefloor” after a year of heartbreak as she prepares to battle it out in the Strictly Come Dancing final.

The 39-year-old has topped the leaderboard on several occasions and avoided the dreaded dance-off throughout the entire BBC One series.

Ahead of the final, the TV and radio presenter reflected on her personal growth over the course of the competition saying, “Confidence is all relative, isn’t it?

“And challenges are all relative. But yes, I’ve definitely found my confidence on that dancefloor, and I enjoy it and that’s what it’s about.”

Helen Skelton will compete in the Strictly Come Dancing final
Helen Skelton will compete in the Strictly Come Dancing final

In April this year, the presenter - who has hosted BBC’s Countryfile, Newsround and Blue Peter - announced on Instagram that she and ex-husband rugby league player Richie Myler were “no longer a couple”.

Skelton explained that being able to connect with people is why she does television and that receiving messages from fans of the show who share their stories has been the “ultimate humbling thing” and what has kept them going throughout the competition.

She said: “I think when you’re in telly that’s why you do it, you do it because you like connecting with people and you like being part of things.

“And it’s a privilege to be in people’s living rooms on a Saturday night and it’s a privilege when they share things.

“And if one person has thought, ‘Oh, I’m going to put myself out of my comfort zone, or I’m going to take on something difficult’, then we’ve done our job.”

The mum of three, who recently announced her new role as host of the new-look BBC Radio 5 Live Sunday morning show, has impressed the judges and public with her routines, with many commenting on the strength she has brought to the stage.

When asked how she felt that some consider her a ‘sex symbol’ now, Skelton praised her dance partner Marquez for how he has choreographed her, saying: “I think you’re clever in that you’ve never made it about being sexy, it’s been about being sassy and powerful and being in control.

Helen Skelton with dance partner Marquez.
Helen Skelton with dance partner Marquez.

“And that’s a wonderfully freeing thing for anybody when they feel in control of their own selves and what they’re doing.

“So I don’t think it’s about being sexy, I think it’s about being confident in your own skin and being who you are.”

Skelton will go head-to-head against radio DJ Fleur East, wildlife presenter Hamza Yassin and actor and singer Molly Rainford during the final on Saturday.