Rosie Wright bio

Rosie Wright bio

I'm the eldest of four girls, a lifelong Londoner, and full-time enthusiast. I've just come back from two years in France, where I presented Good Morning Europe for Euronews. I had the opportunity to tell the Brexit story from all angles and cover the diversity of stories from across a whole continent.

I love that my work is about using my voice to highlight and explain what's happening each day. That has included picking up the phone to callers on LBC; debating whether gambling or swearing is “Taboo or To-Do” at Premier Christian Radio; being behind the desk at Good Morning Europe, one day asking Hungary’s Foreign Minister why they are pushing through emergency laws under the guise of the pandemic, and the next quizzing the Prime Minister of Armenia and the President of Azerbaijan what it will take to stop their conflict over Nagorno Karabakh.

Delivering news demands being trusted to convey the right information, through the right lens. Right now – with the risks of getting lost in echo chambers, cancel culture, fake news and group think – it’s paramount. I will always push for conversation and entertaining debate but most of all I care about balance and truth.

Out of the office, my biggest passion is music, specifically singing and performing with others. Directing and founding the Lyon International Choir was a huge part of my life in France.

That put me in front of a very different audience – a 70-strong choir, mostly novice singers, and for whom English was their second language. While they were learning about singing and performing, I was learning (from scratch) about conducting, and how to build trust in a very different context!

More from Rosie Wright:

What are you most proud of yourself for?

Never sleeping through a pre-breakfast show alarm!

Why is London important to you? What makes it special?

Is there anywhere greater than London? This busy, thriving, dynamic, diverse hub of creativity, finance, education, the arts, sport - no where beats it. I grew up north of the river, moved south as an adult - it would take something pretty special to move me away.

Your most memorable moment growing up in your hometown?

Sitting on my dads shoulders in Alexandra Palace on bonfire night watching fireworks across the city. North London is effectively a huge hill - you can see everyones displays.

Why is debate and balanced argument important to you?

The potential cost of not debating is too high. We constantly have to question - where and who do we get information from? Why have they come to those conclusions?

What career would you have pursued if it hadn’t been for the newsroom?

I’ve honestly never really considered a different path. Very early on I thought - talking every day to interesting people, and finding out information - why would I not want to do that every day?

Why have you decided to join the GB News family?

To help shape and mould this new channel from the outset. Promising to engage, make a difference and tell the stories that matter to the people of Great Britain.

Your biggest accomplishment outside of work?

Unable to find an English-speaking choir when I moved to France - I picked up the conductor's baton and created my own. The end result - directing a 70 strong group of expats. No auditions required but enthusiasm (and turning up on time!) was essential. It is the best thing I've done.

Do you have a stand-out moment in your career that has impacted on you?

Announcing that Italy was going into lockdown, swiftly followed by France (where I was living) and then staying on air every day of the first lockdown. Making sure we conveyed the gravitas of the story to the audience without provoking fear. Waking home from the newsroom with my certificate or "attestation" in hand to prove that I could be out of the house (and further from my 1km zone permitted in France).

Your most memorable moment in your career thus far?

Playing a live on-air game called "66 seconds" on a breakfast radio show at Premier Christian Radio. Just over a minute to answer as many questions like "name a fruit beginning with A" in the time. One

caller - live on air, took a long pause over "name a character in the bible beginning with G?". I was expecting God, or (being generous) maybe Jesus? After a long pause we got an answer.... "Gandalf."

How would your family describe you?

"Highs and lows"