Isabel Webster

Isabel Webster

I have always loved story telling and people – so my job is a dream! There was never any doubt in my mind about what I wanted to do and I set out straight from school on a path to journalism.

I studied politics and theology at Bristol University in the immediate aftermath of 9/11. It seemed at the time like everything that was in the news was linked to politics or religion – so it felt a sensible path. By that reasoning, I’d probably be studying microbiology if I was starting again in the pandemic era! Whilst studying I worked one day a week for a local radio station and it was here, as a reporter, that I began to see the extraordinary underbelly of the city I was living in and I was hooked.

A post-graduate diploma in Broadcast Journalism at City University taught me the legal and ethical parameters of my trade and gave me amazing contacts – but it was in the field that I really learned to become a journalist.

For many years I worked all over the South West of England – in BBC radio stations and then at BBC Points West. The hardest job I have ever had was as Wiltshire Reporter – where I was a Video Journalist, which meant I had to come up with stories on the day for the day, shoot and edit it myself and then top and tail it with lives in the lunch time and evening news.

My break into presenting came when a colleague went off on maternity and I started to cover her Breakfast slots, before later graduating to all of the other Points West shows. Eventually I was seconded to London on an attachment where I was a general reporter for network BBC – covering the London riots, the Arab Spring and many other big stories on The Today Programme, BBC Breakfast and the like. It was from there that I was poached by Sky News in 2011.

I became their West of England Correspondent before moving to the studio permanently in 2014 to co-present the flagship Sunrise show with Eamonn Holmes. During this time I covered multiple general elections and two referendums. I had the pleasure of interviewing Theresa May, Philip Hammond (the morning after one of his Budgets), Rishi Sunak and Nigel Farage - to name just a few of the big politicians. I covered everything – one day I would be covering a murder trial the next I’d be doing a sit down interview with Kylie Minogue! Most recently, my interview with the real ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ went viral attracting 3.2m hits on youtube! After a decade at Sky I have joined GB News. I am married with two small - but very spirited – children!