Alex Phillips

Alex Phillips

I am a proud Gloucester girl and attended two utterly fantastic grammar schools, before getting a double first in Literature and Philosophy from the University of Durham.

After graduating I trained in newsrooms in Ghana, China and India to build up a portfolio to get into the super-competitive and widely respected School of Journalism in Cardiff, all whilst working for the NHS and working in a nightclub to pay for the next expedition.

I went on to work for ITV Wales before returning to my other spiritual home of the North East with ITV Tyne Tees before finally ending up at the BBC as part of their talent pool scheme.

In 2009, I left journalism and entered politics, back when Eurosceptics were labelled fruitcakes and loonies.

I went on to consult in elections abroad before returning home to be elected as a Brexit Party MEP.

My final day in Brussels on January 31 2020 came just before the global pandemic hit. Like many of us, I ended up having an unusual 2020 and hunkered down with my parents in Gloucester at the grand old age of 37.

I love writing for The Telegraph when I get the chance and enjoyed a brilliant year regularly guesting on TalkRADIO. Now I'm back in London and thrilled to be back in TV journalism with GB News after a rather busy sabbatical!

More from Alex Phillips:

What are you most proud of yourself for?

Having the courage of my convictions to leave journalism and campaign for Brexit - working 100 hour weeks before the term was ever coined!

I took a risk to stand up for what I believed in and for that, I am immensely proud.

Why is Gloucester important to you? What makes it special?

The wonderful folk of Gloucester are without doubt the most generous of spirit, down to earth, witty and eccentric Brits of all.

We have the best rugby supporters in the world, the infamous Cheese Roll, astounding history from Roman times through the Normans and to the Tudors, the most gorgeous cathedral and some of the best pubs in the land - many of which I have worked in! But it's the people in all their vibrancy that I love the most.

Why is debate and balanced argument important to you?

Having worked in politics I have often been exasperated by the dishonesty which regularly crept into debate.

Talking to someone you disagree with in a constructive manner is an enlightening and rewarding experience. Holding on to your own viewpoint without challenging yourself denies you an opportunity to learn.

What makes you, you?

Every country I’ve lived in, every friend I’ve hugged, my wonderful family who shaped me and an increasingly eclectic spread of hobbies, interests and philosophies which I continue to expand.

The best and worst advice you’ve ever been given?

My wonderful brother Jonathan once said something I've never forgotten: “The compromise you make to get what you want is the sacrifice you take to keep what you have." I find it applicable to many life choices and think of it often.

For me, the worst advice anyone can ever give is to put yourself first. I find it a tragically lonely mindset.

What career would you have pursued if it hadn’t been for the newsroom?

For a while I wanted to be a fighter pilot, or a poet. Instead I’m learning to paraglide and I write poetry from to relax.

Why have you decided to join the GB News family?

I wanted to be a journalist from my mid-teens and worked really hard to get there, on a journey which spanned five countries and multiple newsrooms. I loved my job for the most part, but became disillusioned with editorial groupthink so much I made the decision to give up my career and throw my energy into a political project I believed in.

GB News is the first news organisation to strive to break the consensus of thought that is so detached from the majority of normal people.

Your biggest accomplishment outside of work?

I think an historic referendum was a pretty big accomplishment to be part of! Other than that, I have honed myself into quite a talented chef and can speak pretty good French!

Most people will be familiar with your work, but tell us something that nobody knows about you?

I paint, play the piano and love cryptic crosswords, Formula 1, Hinduism and military airshows and my party trick is freestyle rapping. I have lived in India, Ghana, China, Kenya and Belgium and have picked up some pretty exotic dancing skills!

Name somebody that you have always wanted to interview, and why?

Sebastian Vettel. I have been ‘fantasy married’ to him for 14 years. You could call me a bit of a fangirl.